I have always been procastinating about relaunching this blog. Thinking to myself “I’m not ready yet”,”I don’t think its the right time”… But I just decided this very moment to just ‘WING IT’, not wondering about what to write… What the audience will think, or what will ‘make sense’… But just to ‘JUMP IN’ and write… And make a contribution to inspire with literature….. And so…. Here I am. Jumping in and officially re-opening ‘the jeumao blog’. I hope I’m able to write and inspire myself and anyoneelse. So help me God. Soooooo…. Let’s talk!



Its been such a long time, since I posted any article and I have missed sharing my creativity and discussing issues with you guys… i’m so sure I have been forgotten… *sigh*. But trust me, I have been meaning to post articles… but I just have been waiting for the right time… I had planned to RE-LAUNCH the blog after graduation, but as some of you might know, that has been delayed… thanks to Nigeria. But not to worry… I will be coming back sooner than you think… but still definitely after graduation though…. I have been bursting with so much ideas and I can definitely say that the NEW jeumao blog, will be a BLAST and will INSPIRE you, push your CREATIVITY and change your life…. but for now, all I can ask, is that you ANTICIPATE… I will be returning soon and together we will embark on an inspirational life journey filled with creativity, love, innovation, faith, art, advice, true-life issues, literature, comedy, change and passion for good and greatness and meaningful living. I cant wait and i’m sure you are ready too. Till we meet again, it’s your favourite writer jeumao signing out. Love GOD, Love mankind. Takia


WAIT!!!!!! Dont jump into conclusions here…. This article is actually about discovering ur talent. Everybody out der has a talent. Yes, everybody…. som have found it, others are just clueless. It could be something as little as sitting down and watching tv (yes, dat is a talent, i will tell u how) to something as big as owning a business empire. It could be singing, acting, gossiping, talking, counselling, eating… see, talent can be anything. u just hav to discover and develop urself. So i came up with my usual 5 steps to finding ur talent…….

1. OBSERVE AND EXPLORE URSELF… yes, observe urself and find out dat thing dat u do sooo well, at ease dat people see in u and commend u on. It culd be something u mite not even like doing, but wen u do it, u do it well. woteva it is, just observe urself and find out dat thing….  Also, try new things. some talents are hidden and until u explore and find out, u will never know. all u need to do is to keep trying new things, one day u culd just ignite d fire and ur furnace of talent will start blowing……

2. DEVELOP IT…. haven identified dat u are good in something, try developing urself in it. Make researches, ask people who are professionals about it. Try out diffrent ways to perfect urself in dat talent. For scholars (like Einstein) dat will involve reading, trying to give solutions to puzzles of d earth and science. For actors (like myself…. yes, i am an actor..lol) join a training class, dancers and singers, do d same. Fashion designer, artists, computer wizkids, bloggers… go to seminars, enrol in training centers, take up a course in ur talent…. Just explore all ur options with dis new found talent and develop urself in it…..

3. MAKE IT A HOBBY…. to develop urself, u gotta make it a hobby. ( a hobby is something u do often and take interest in)…. u gotta build a strong interest in it and enjoy practising often…. if u loose interest, it dies… if u dont keep practising u forget…… so woteva it is, make it a hobby, do it again and again, and enjoy doing it…..

4. SEARCH FOR AND ACCEPT CRITICISMS…….  if noone criticies u, u cannot challenge urself. Show people ur work and get dr feedback. Take criticisms and corrections so that u can fine tune ur talent. Feel free to make mistakes so dat u can be corrected. trust me, corrections stick longer than wot u r taught. So dont be afraid of critiques, but embrace dem….. they push u to be better.

5. ENJOY WHAT YOU DO…… last but not d least (i mean dis literarily, cos there are soooo many other ways to still discover ur talent). Enjoy what u do. If u dont enjoy what you do, it becomes more of work dan a talent. Let ur work come from within and let ur talent speak for u….. Enjoy learning and enjoy practising and enjoy performimg for the world. That is what makes it a talent.

In all, just be urself and let ur work be unique. Dont be scared to pour ur persoanlity into ur work. Dat is wot will attract the world to u. Dont be scared to BREAK boundaries nd make records. CHALLENGE URSELF. Dont try to be like someone else or impress anybody. Impress urself. Set ur own standards and beat dem. Challenge urself evryday to be better! Stay focused and determined and find your VOICE……. And most of all, LET UR WORK SPEAK FOR U……


Hey Readers,

Its been a while now, like more dan 2 weeks. i know blogging supposed to be everyday or so… but my dear, its not easy. Been having a bit of a writers block since, couldnt just come up with a new topic to write on…well today i just decided to jump in and say woteva comes to mind, so dont bite me…… will try and post more often, say weekly… maybe every thursday and friday. So keep it a date with me and start ur weekend with some gist, debate, talk or advice from Jeumao!!! I love you for tuning in…(as if dis was a television show. rme). Enjoy todays posts sha and tell a frend bout d blog… (let me get some fame small please naaaa… lol). oh yes, and do u like d new look of d blog??? i totally designed it all by myself. (thank you! thank you! thank you very mush!)…… ciao. au re voir..


get dat person to love you…

Everyone out there has dat special girl or boy dat they reeeeally like, but ur just not sure if she/he likes you back, so  these are 5 quick steps u can take to make dat special someone fall in love with you, befor u pop the question “would you go out with me?”……

1. CARE FOR YOURSELF: first of all u gotta be happy with who u are, be confident and independent.

2. BE YOURSELF: If you want someone to fall in love with you, u gotta be YOU, not someone else, if not they’d fall for the person ur pretending to be, not the real you…

3. LEAVE A LASTING IMPRESSION: do something that will captivate the person and would make her/him see you in another way, respect you, fall for you…. it could be anything, but it has to be something dat’ll leave a mark….

4. DONT RUSH: wen it comes to love u gotta take things slow, dont rush urself and dont rush her/him…. just let things take its course, and if they dont, MOVE-ON (PLENTY OF FISH)…

5. BE INDEPENDENT: dont be a weakling or show dat u cant stand on ur own without the person… be independent and strong… even, try to make d person jealous and feel replaceable… rather dan being a pestering pest…..

So der u hav it….. try dat on dat DAMSEL or ADONESS dat you’ve been eyeing and SEE WHETHER DEM NO GO TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!



Soooo, overtime, we’ve come to enjoy all kinds of music and all kinds of artists, the good, the bad and the TONTO DIKE’s (lol)…. but really, music has become something else.. gone are the days wen u put on the radio and u can freely sing-along. Like the tym of ”no matter wot i do, all i think about is you, even wen am with ma boo, u know am crazy over you- kelly rowland and nelly”…. nowadays its just either pornographic lyrics or, lyrics of pride or even BLASPHEMY! i mean, in Kanye’s new hit he actually said “we belive in God but does God belive in us?” and of course mother witch – lady gaga sang “judas is d demon she clings to”…… with dis whole issue of the illuminati self, its more difficult to sing-along RME, cos u fear for ur soul (LOL)… even locally, singers are just opening their mouths to yarn DUST i mean timaya in his song “go down low” (what a title btw), he actually opened his mouth and sang “whine up ur body like a monkey, u a monkey” and we all dance to it like monkeys…….. for me, i still really enjoy all these songs ooooh, cos as much as they are kind of errrrrrrr uncomfortable, they kind of hav its way of making us happy…. but all i gotta advice is dat we all try not to get too attached to FRUITLESS songs like dis, rather feel ur hearts with inspirational sounds like songs like asa – jailer, coldplay – paradise, katy perry – wide awake etc… songs that pass an IMPORTANT message and kind of help us in our lives one way or the other (eg, wen ur heartbroken, Adele always does d trick…lol.. or wen u want to fight against corruption in naija, Fela helps motivate) dat to me, is d essence of music……… den of course, GOSPEL everyday to keep us close to our loving creator…. so i guess in all, wot i’m trying to say, is dat if u must PLUG ur ears and listen to some MUSIC let it be something that passes a mesage of substance……… smile, pray, love…. its…JEUMAO. drop again soon for my next article. mmmmmmmwah!